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PT Tri Excella Harmony is a company that continues to grow. We are one of the leading companies that provides supplies for bag-making materials including non-woven spunbond, accessories, and webbing tape in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our company aims to achieve as the first preference as a supplier in the industry.

Our vision is to be the customer's first choice when it comes to webbing tape and bag accessories supplies.

We aspires to provide complete varieties in webbing tape for different kind of uses with the best competitive price.We strive to serve with customer satisfaction as priority.


Our company mainly focused on manufacturing webbing tape and non-woven spunbond. Our webbing tape and non-woven spunbond has been used for many kind of products including bags, helmets, sandals, belts, bed mattresses, rugs, etc.

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The two products that we offer, which are webbing tape and spunbond, have been one of the most common materials to produce bags - goody bags, shopping bags, backpacks, bed sheet packaging, etc. We offer a huge range in webbing tape pattern variations and spunbond with competitive price to help your bag production.

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The spunbond product is suitable to be used as the material of helmet case, and the webbing tape product is the perfect choice to be used as bicycles or motorcycles strap for children as well as for adults. We have a wide variations in weaving pattern with competitive price.

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Our webbing tape can be used as carpet binding or carpet list for different types of carpet, such sponge floor mat, car carpet, and also rugs. Quality, design, and size of the binding are offered in different kinds, whereas we always try to offer the best price for our products. Not only webbing tape, we also provide the cutting service for spunbond products, where we cut it down to binding size, so carpet binding that made out of spunbond too, can be purchased.

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We provide mattress or springbed tapes that are made out of our webbing tape products with varieties of pattern, quality, and size. If you happen to have designs and patterns upon request, we will gladly accept to do a research for your requested product and we can promise you to offer our best price. Other than webbing tape, our spunbond product can also be used as mattress lining, which comes in different weight and thickness. Spunbond and webbing tape themselves have been most used as the main material to make bed cover and bed sheet bags.

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Belts that are made out of webbing tape products have been one of the most popular fashion trends since then until now, especially towards children (boys) target market. If combined with the right colors and fashionable designs, webbing tape belts can be easily matched with pants such jeans or khakis. We are experienced in producing webbing tapes with wide varieties of belt designs.

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We provide webbing tape that can be used as outdoor sandals strap. We can make customized straps according to your requests, whereas you can choose the quality, pattern, design, and also the size of your customized straps. Surely, we always try to give you the best quality through our products.

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